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The Secretariat
Paediatric Endocrinology Training Centre,
Gertrudes Children Hospital
Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: +254-020-2702600 / +254-722898948
Cell: 0726-161590


About the ASPAE Membership

The aim of ASPAE is to promote paediatric and adolescent endocrinology in the Africa. With this objective in mind, ASPAE aims to become one of the most important Societies for paediatric endocrinology in Africa. ASPAE members are people who have demonstrated active research ability in paediatric and adolescent endocrinology and who will continue to be active in this field.

How to become an ASPAE Member

ASPAE welcomes new members who have trained or are training in paediatric and adolescent endocrinology.

To become a member of ASPAE, please complete the application form and provide your detailed CV, a list of your publications, and any other supporting documents.